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Our Services

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Make sure your pet always looks, feels, and smells great—it’s important for their confidence and their health! At Paws Pet Spa and Boutique 8, we offer top-quality grooming services, pet supplies, and more for the pups of Metamora, MI, and Lapeer County. Whether it’s just a nail trim or a full doggie makeover, our team will make sure your pet is pampered like the royalty they are (or think they are)!

Three white dogs that were groomed at Paws Pet Spa & Boutique 8

We’ll Have Your Pet Looking Good for the Puparazzi

Dog Grooming

Fur cutting in Metamora, MI

Fur Cutting

We offer a wide range of grooming services for pups of all breeds and sizes! If your dog’s fur needs a trim, we can handle the job, whether it’s a light or heavy cut, or a high or low-maintenance coat. Our groomers understand the unique needs of different breeds and the proper cut to provide them.
Dog dental services in Metamora, MI

Dental Care

Your dog needs healthy chompers just like people do. We offer canine dental care, including tooth-brushing kits that thoroughly and effectively clean your pup’s teeth and gums, preventing tooth decay and gingivitis. Your pet needs regular dental care to remove plaque and tartar for optimal oral health!
Dog bathing services in Metamora, MI

Dog Bath

Dog baths can be stressful for canines and their owners alike—but an occasional bath is important for your pup’s coat, health, and scent. It can be difficult to bathe your dog on your own, so trust our professional team to scrub-a-dub your dog for you! We offer pets a relaxing, luxurious experience so they will actually look forward to bath time. After the bath, we will condition your dog’s coat to make sure it is soft and healthy.
pet nail care in Metamora, MI

Nail Care

You can usually tell when your dog needs a nail trim—play time can quickly result in scratches on your skin. We recommend coming to us for a professional nail trim and file for your pet’s safety and comfort. We can also trim cat toenails—however, that is our only service for felines.

Pet Boutique

Beyond bathing, grooming, nail care, dental care, and providing reliable advice, our spa also offers a boutique where you can find functional, stylish, and comfortable clothing for your pet! From cozy sweaters perfect for winter walks, to comfy T-shirts ideal for lounging around the house, to adorable Halloween costumes, we have everything your pet needs to look straight out of a page of Vanity Fur.

Pet Leashes

We offer top-quality pet collars and leashes that will keep your dog both safe and comfortable. Plus, we have shampoo and conditioner, as well as locally made dog treats. Not sure which product is right for your furry friend? We are happy to offer our advice and inform you about our different options!
White dog at the pet groomer | Paws Pet Spa & Boutique 8
Brown dog with groomed fur | Paws Pet Spa & Boutique 8
Dog lounging on a sofa

For more information about our services, or to schedule an appointment for your pup, contact us today by calling 810-678-3636!

Paws Pet Spa and Boutique 8

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